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It’s not easy to build something that can resist the impact of nature. Lovers of the great outdoors, dedicated camping fanatics and professional wildlife seekers are the only ones that typically travel this path. By having this experience, knowledge and mindset, we at NIGOR have come up with great ideas that serve our need to seek adventure. There will be no compromises, no second guesses and no unfinished business. NIGOR creates and delivers. We love the outdoors, we dream the outdoors, we design for the outdoors and we would like to share our passion with you. We believe our equipment offers a unique experience for every journey you want to take.


Our tents go the extra length

The top-10 tallest people in the world all come from Eu- rope. Whether you are a basketball player or not, we created the extra length in floor space of our tents. Even our smallest tent, the Pio Pio has a usable inner floor space of 260 cm, a width of 110 cm and height of 105 to comfortably sit straight and have freedom of movement. When you’re snugly enjoying the comfort of your sleeping bag we don’t want the inner tent touching your forehead or feet. You’ll actually find our inner tents provide ample space for luggage, packs and things you can’t go without during the night. Our inner tents are longer and more spacious by design.


We designed Nigor tents for European climate, the wet parts.

All our inner tents have No-see-um mesh panels and/or doors as part of the construction. In most of these the mesh panels can be closed off with extra zippered in- ner tent fabric panels to prevent moisture/condensation to seep through in wet, harsh conditions. For some of our ultra lightweight tents we’ve positioned the non-closable mesh panels in strategic places so condensation doesn’t ‘mist’ through the top and ventilation is still maximised. Thus providing proper shelter in really bad weather and proper ventilation in hot climates.

On the other hand, mesh panels don’t substitute for poor ventilation. We’ve incorporated ventilation into the design with zippered panels, venturi effect, the shape and cut of the fabric, pole sleeves, windows, doors, distance to the ground, tub height, etc. We don’t take proper ventilation for granted. As important in wet conditions or stuffy heat, Comfy and Dry are the key factors.